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Update Your Workspace in Wildwood, MO With Custom Commercial Blinds

At Cardinal Blinds & Shutters, we understand the importance of a beautiful, comfortable workspace. No matter where you work—whether it’s a bustling office, quaint shop, or industrial space—blinds can be an important part of your workspace in Wildwood, Missouri.

Updating Your Workspace With Commercial Blinds

Every workspace is different, and we offer many kinds of commercial blinds for you to choose from, including:

Vinyl blinds: Made from PVC, vinyl blinds are durable, moisture-resistant, and easy to clean.

Metal blinds: Crafted from aluminum or steel, metal blinds offer a sleek and modern appearance, known for their durability and minimal maintenance.

Vertical blinds: Comprising vertical hanging slats, vertical blinds are commonly used for large windows, sliding glass doors, or as room dividers. They provide effective light control and come in various materials like fabric, PVC, and vinyl.

Aluminum blinds: Constructed from lightweight aluminum slats, aluminum blinds are favored for their sleek, modern aesthetics, affordability, and durability. They come in a range of colors and finishes.

Composite blinds: Created from a mix of wood particles and synthetic polymers, composite blinds offer the aesthetic charm of wood blinds with added durability and resistance to moisture.

Wood blinds: Composed of natural wooden slats, wood blinds lend a warm and classic look to a space. They offer choices in terms of wood types and stains, although they may not be suitable for high-humidity environments due to their weight.

Faux wood blinds: These imitation wood blinds are typically made from materials like PVC or composite wood. They closely resemble the appearance of real wood but are more moisture-resistant, making them practical for areas with humidity.

Refresh Your Workspace With Commercial Blinds

Whether you simply want to update the look of your workspace or need new window treatments because yours have seen better days, we can help you find the perfect commercial blinds for your workspace in Wildwood, MO.

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“We had Chris and Gary were here and installed our entire house with plantation shutters. Estimate was 4 hours but it took less than 3. Looks great and the cleanup was pristine. It really helps with the light coming in. Couldn’t recommend than more!”

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“Everyone at Cardinal Blinds and Shutters were great to work with. We had a very good buying experience. When the blinds arrived there was a defect issue with one of them. The installers noticed it and immediately alerted us to it. A replacement was ordered quickly and all blind look and function great. We are very happy with Cardinal Blinds and would definitely buy from them again. When we originally made our blinds provider decision, customer feedback weighed heavily in our decision. Cardinal Binds did not disappoint us. Their continued focus on customer satisfaction is definitely a competitive advantage.”

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