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Have Plantation Shutters Installed in Your Chesterfield, MO, Home

Plantation Shutters Chesterfield MOSome days you want to let sunshine spill into your Missouri home, and other days you need some extra privacy and seclusion. Plantation shutters allow you to have these options while always aiding in your home’s aesthetic appeal. As Chesterfield’s leading window treatment professionals, Cardinal Blinds & Shutters can expertly provide you with top-quality plantation shutters.

Our Premium Plantation Shutters

Although they originated in the South, plantation shutters are certainly a sophisticated upgrade for your Midwestern home. They differ from traditional shutters because the louvers are wider and thicker, therefore creating:

  • A more contemporary look
  • Better light control, and ultimately improved energy efficiency
  • More privacy from nosy neighbors or passersby

To truly achieve the look you want with your interior plantation shutters, Cardinal Blinds & Shutters offers a range of materials for you to choose from. You can pick from hardwood, hybrid, vinyl, composite, and Polysatin™, and from there choose the color or finish of your shutters to truly personalize them.

Helping You Pick the Perfect Shutters

You won’t have to feel overwhelmed or confused during the selection process for your plantation shutters, because we’ll sit down with you during a complimentary consultation. We’ll present you with our shutter options and discuss your goals and budget, and then work together to ensure we provide you with the absolutely right window coverings.

If you think plantation shutters would make an eye-catching addition to your Chesterfield, MO, home, you can count on Cardinal Blinds & Shutters to provide you with the perfect ones. Contact our team today to schedule your consultation.

“We had Chris and Gary were here and installed our entire house with plantation shutters. Estimate was 4 hours but it took less than 3. Looks great and the cleanup was pristine. It really helps with the light coming in. Couldn’t recommend than more!”

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“Everyone at Cardinal Blinds and Shutters were great to work with. We had a very good buying experience. When the blinds arrived there was a defect issue with one of them. The installers noticed it and immediately alerted us to it. A replacement was ordered quickly and all blind look and function great. We are very happy with Cardinal Blinds and would definitely buy from them again. When we originally made our blinds provider decision, customer feedback weighed heavily in our decision. Cardinal Binds did not disappoint us. Their continued focus on customer satisfaction is definitely a competitive advantage.”

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