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5 Reasons To Choose Roller & Solar Shades

Reasons Why Roller & Solar Shades Are a Good Choice For Your St. Louis Area Home

Roller Shade

Cardinal Blinds & Shutters LLC offers a wide range of product offerings from blinds and shades to shutters and drapes. Sometimes choosing, or finding, the perfect home window treatments can be a challenge. That is why we offer free-in home design consultations with no pressure to buy-ever! We understand that finding the right fit can be overwhelming and a challenge for many people in the St. Louis, Missouri market.

Roller and Solar shades are a great choice if you are looking for something simple with a variety of control, privacy, and lighting options. Here are five of the top reasons that you should choose Roller and Solar shades (via Graber)

Minimal Impact

Roller and solar shades are a solid choice when trying to compliment the interior of your home without becoming the sole focal-point. If your STL area home has ornate architectural details or classic looks that you love, there is no reason to cover it up. If your local home has beautiful mouldings, millwork, or window accents that make a statement, it could be best to stick with Roller & Solar shades.

Energy Efficient

Roller & Solar Shades are super simple window treatments to save on energy costs. Opaque designs of Graber Lightweave fabrics reflect sunlight in the summer creating the perfect amount of temperature control so you can conserve energy year-round. Additionally, adding automated controls allow you to raise and lower the shades at the perfect time of the day to maximize privacy and energy savings. All of this combined helps create a beautiful, comfortable and secure space to relax and unwind.


Layering things is an essential part of any design, whether that is clothing or interior design. Roller shades are perfect way to blend multiple style together to create the perfect look. Use bold drapes , a patterned cornice, or even a sliding panel and pair it with a roller shade. You can even layer a simple and neutral shade beneath a stylish pattern to optimize for light control and privacy for your STL area home.

St. Louis Views

If you have a amazing view of the golf course or the perfect couple of acres in your backyard, roller and solar shades are the perfect way to protect your home interior from harmful UV rays while maintaining a clear view of your outdoor space. You can customize exactly how much of the world you want to see.

Perfect Privacy For Your Home

Whit multiple light filtering options from absolute sheer to blackout, you can decide how much privacy your roller shades provide. Solar shades come in a variety of openness options as well, that provide a different level of UV and light control for your home. No matter your preferences, we have an option that fits your needs and wants.