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American-Made Shutters From Midsouth Window Fashions Can Transform Your St. Louis, MO Home

Modern high ceiling living room with artistically shaped windows covered with attractive wood shuttersQuality and customer satisfaction go hand in hand. That’s why Cardinal Blinds & Shutters offers our St. Louis, Missouri, customers window coverings from manufacturers as dedicated to quality as we are. Window treatments from Midsouth Window Fashions are crafted in the manufacturer’s Memphis facility for consistent quality from base material to hardware. Furthermore, every component is 100% made in America. All installations are handled by our certified in-house installers and backed by our generous one-year warranty, so you can be confident that your investment is well protected.

Wood and Composite Shutters from Midsouth Window Fashions

Wood shutters have long been popular with our customers, who appreciate the many variations available from Cardinal Blinds & Shutters. Wood shutters provide unbeatable energy efficiency, timeless style, and even added home value. They last for decades when properly maintained, and maintenance is easy—just occasionally dust with a microfiber cloth and shine with a wood-safe furniture polish. Composite shutters, often referred to as “faux wood” shutters, are a great alternative to wood due to their attractive appearance and greater resistance to humidity.

You can’t go wrong when choosing one of our quality wood shutters, but here are a few offerings from Midsouth Window Fashions that we are especially proud to highlight:

Shelby Basswood Shutters

These shutters are a frontrunner when it comes to natural wood shutters because of the many benefits basswood offers over other wood choices. Good shutters are a home improvement investment that provide added style for the home and should be trusted to last a lifetime. Basswood is a sustainable, medium-density wood with a lightweight feel but with enough thickness to provide effective thermal protection. It is durable, has a wonderfully elegant texture that allows for a supremely uniform finish, and is incredibly resistant to warping over time due to exposure to heat and moisture. All in all, basswood shutters are the cream of the crop when it comes to Midsouth window treatments.

Madison Hardwood Shutters

Hardwood shutters from Midsouth Window Fashions are always a popular choice due to their durability and low maintenance requirements. Madison Hardwood Shutters can provide decades of beauty to a home with minimal maintenance. Hardwood shutters in general are an environmentally friendly way to control the degree of light and noise pollution in a room, and they come in a generous array of colors.

Lakeland Composite Shutters

Lakeland Composite Shutters offer the best of both worlds: a beautiful appearance and superior durability. Like wood shutters, composite shutters are elegant and tasteful, with styles varying from a more rustic, classic look to something sleek and modern. At Cardinal Blinds & Shutters, we offer faux wood shutters only from industry leaders like Midsouth Window Fashions. These shutters excel at resisting cracking, warping, and fading even when exposed to humid conditions such as that of a bathroom, so they’re a great all-around choice for those who have reservations when it comes to choosing an alternative to natural wood.

Finest Blinds & Shutters in Missouri

If you need window coverings for your home in St. Louis, MO, or one of the surrounding areas, you were right to come to Cardinal Blinds & Shutters. We don’t do “salespeople” here; instead, one of our professional design consultants will help you choose the perfect Midsouth window coverings for your home. Give us a call today to schedule your free design consultation and see for yourself why customers who try us become customers for life!

“I couldn’t be happier with my shutters from Cardinal Blinds. They made the process so easy and answered all my questions. Zack was kind, knowledgeable, professional and did a wonderful job installing my new shutters!”

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“Everyone at Cardinal Blinds and Shutters were great to work with. We had a very good buying experience. When the blinds arrived there was a defect issue with one of them. The installers noticed it and immediately alerted us to it. A replacement was ordered quickly and all blind look and function great. We are very happy with Cardinal Blinds and would definitely buy from them again. When we originally made our blinds provider decision, customer feedback weighed heavily in our decision. Cardinal Binds did not disappoint us. Their continued focus on customer satisfaction is definitely a competitive advantage.”

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