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Graber Shades

Graber shades offer numerous benefits and a large selection of solutions that is guaranteed to create the right aesthetic for your St. Louis, Missouri home. Decide on factors such as light control, operation systems, as well protection from heat and glare. All variations of Graber Shades are offered in a variety of colors and materials. Learn more about Graber Shades and window covering solutions for St. Louis, Missouri.


Honeycomb-shaped cells create an energy efficient and functional shade that keeps warm and cool air from escaping your St. Louis, Missouri home. The design ensures your room is comfortable year round with stylish looks and function.

There are solutions for all window shapes and sizes, our specialized and friendly consultants can point you in the right direction. Learn more about Cellular Shades.


Layered shades are modern and offer multiple levels of light control. Choose between multiple alternating sheer and opaque fabrics. The fabric blocks up to 99% of UV rays which protects your furniture, wood, and other interior items of your home.

The layered shades can be paired with continuous-loop lift or motorized lift options, giving you complete control over the functionality of your shades. Learn more about Layered Shades.


Natural shades by Graber completely transform your space into a relaxing and comfortable area. Multiple material options including bamboo, reeds, grass and jute are renewable material options that make a statement in your home. Transform your space and create a aesthetic that sets the tone for your home.

Lightweight-woven materials offer great light control and lasting impressions. There are a multitude of control options including cord, cordless, motorized and continuous-loop lift systems. Learn more about Tradewinds® Natural Shades.


Graber pleated shades filter the sun’s light and create a mood to your living spaces. There are a variety of light control levels, colors, patterns and textures that will match your existing room’s aesthetic. The design prevents sagging and is meant to last a long time in your home.

Choose between 1” & 2” pleat sizes as well as control types including cord, cordless, motorized and continuous-loop lift systems. Learn more about EvenPleat® & FashionPleat® Pleated Shades.


Graber Roman Shades are the perfect choice for any designer, in nearly any moment. The neutral hues and solid lines of the Graber Fresco® collection is clean and can match nearly any space. The premium fabrics of the Graber Artisan collection offers a sophisticated style that is custom tailored to you and your home.

The Graber Fresco® Shades is available in two styles, multiple fabrics and three opacities. The Graber Artisan Fabric Roman Shades are available in six styles, and a multitude of fabrics. Learn more about Graber Fresco® & Artisan Fabric Roman Shades


Sheer fabric keeps your space bright while blocking UV rays at the same time. The light filtering shade provides slight light when open and diffuses the light when closed.

Sheer shades are available in continuous-loop lift and motorized lift, as well as three vane sizes including 2”, 2 3/4” and 3” vanes. Learn more about Overture Sheer Shades.


A versatile and completely stylish choice, the Panel Accents™ Sliding Panels are available in Fresco Roman, Natural , Roller and Solar Shades that fit perfectly for wide windows or patio doors. Multiple fabric options let you control the light that enters the room as well.

The Sliding Panel product is offered with two control types which are cord control or wand control, which gives a sleek control option for your window treatments. Learn more about Panel Accents™ Sliding Panels.



Lightweaves Solar Shades offer a semi-opaque design that protects against glare and UV rays from St. Louis, Missouri sun. It ensures the perfect balance of light and in-home comfort that you desire. These are perfect for rooms with high sun-exposure. Lightweaves is made as roller shades as well offered in four light control variations as well as control types.

Exterior Solar Shades by Graber are the perfect outdoor solution for your patio/pavilion in your backyard. The modern design blocks sun before it heats you, your guests and your house. Exterior shades are the perfect compliment to any outdoor space. Learn more about Lightweaves Roller, Solar & Exterior Solar Shades

“We had Chris and Gary were here and installed our entire house with plantation shutters. Estimate was 4 hours but it took less than 3. Looks great and the cleanup was pristine. It really helps with the light coming in. Couldn’t recommend than more!”

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